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The UK Government estimated that in 2013 there were between 10,000 and 13,000 victims of human trafficking in Britain.

Other agencies dispute those figures, many claiming that the real figure was much higher.

What is not in dispute is that the number has increased since, year on year.


Tina, Maggie and Goldie - three women with one dream.
But dreams don't always come true, and when they don't, lives can be ruined.
A hard hitting true to life docudrama, One Way Traffic follows three women trapped in despicable situations where they are under the complete control of traffickers and variously held captive and forced into the sex trade.

Inspired by the work of the Salvation Army and Riverside Foundation supporting victims, One Way Traffic's storyline is based on real case histories. At times it is harrowing, it is often emotional and always dramatically true to life. With core footage featuring a brilliant international cast imported from OMF's 2014 award winning Tariro allied to new filming in Cyprus in September 2018 and the UK in October 2018, supported by advanced digital effects, chromakey and Dolby Digital® surround sound, One Way Traffic is a very powerful film.

One Way Traffic is a multi-award winning movie with worldwide screenings.

First screened in Indonesia, One Way Traffic achieved International Silver in the Celebes Film Festival and Gold in the International Film Awards with a screening in Jakarta.
In the USA - the home of big screen movies - One Way Traffic was selected for the Universal Film Festival in Kansas City and also for the Green Mountain Festival in Vermont.
Releasing in autumn 2019, One Way Traffic was the first of OMF's features to win a place on the Amazon Prime Video broadcast platform, since when it has continued to stream for thousands of hours per month across the USA, Canada and the UK.

Running on TV, computer, laptop, tablet and phone, Prime Video is revolutionising film distribution, bringing independent productions to a worldwide audience.

Subscribers can view One Way Traffic at no cost and non-subscribers can view for a nominal one-off pay per view charge. The film can also be downloaded for repeat viewing.
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The Street
The film opens in a small village in Hungary where singing can be heard from one of the houses and where one of the lead characters will be trafficked from.

These sequences were actually filmed in the St Lazarus area of Larnaca in Cyprus.
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Behind the Doors
The film starts in a small village where a family is sharing friendship and a glass of wine as they sing local songs.

Masquerading as a remote village in Hungary, these sequences were actually filmed in the St Lazarus area of Larnaca in Cyprus.
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The Bag
One Way Traffic follows its first trafficked victim from her home in an undeveloped village in Hungary, the visual link being her small blue carry-on bag that contains all her possessions.

This sequence was actually filmed in the St Lazarus area of Larnaca in Cyprus.
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The Border
Not all trafficked victims arrive illegally, many being brought in through the 'front door' of an airport. But while showing Maggy's arrival was an essential element in the storyline, filming in the relevant area of an international airport was not allowed and creating an airport set was not financially feasible.

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This seemingly unsurmountable problem was solved by creating a passport control area at post-production stage where a border control booth, passageways, signage and a distant baggage reclaim section were all created completely in the computer.
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The border control official was filmed separately and keyed in later.
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On the Beach
Arriving by the more familiar trafficking route of illicit boats and backhanders to crew, Zorina (Goldie) travels by sea, is transferred to a small dinghy and comes ashore on a remote beach.
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Filmed on a vast public beach in full daylight, the small dinghy, signalling lantern and overall dusk light were all created in post-production.
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Summer House
Not fully identified in the original film, a drinks party in a summer house in the garden of a trafficker's up-market home needed to be filmed for One Way Traffic - the problem being that, as you can see, the summerhouse did not exist at the location used.
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CGI to the rescue!

Using advanced graphics techniques, a summerhouse was comped into the original garden scene so convincingly that as daylight faded into dusk, a pianist and party goers could even be seen inside.
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The Squat
Drawn from a real case history, a trafficked victim is rescued by a homeless man and taken back to a disused workshop in which he is squatting with two other homeless men.

This scene contrasts the compassion and concern of down and out homeless guys with the harsh treatment from supposed respectable businessmen encountered previously.
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Zuzana Garaiova's portrayal of Zorina (Goldie) as she is abused and held captive is brilliantly sensitive.
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Real life is not a fairy tale with happiness ever after.
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Sometimes trafficked victims do not live to tell the tale.
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Top line talent bring something special to their performances.
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Having been forced into prostitution, Tina, played by Inna Platonova, goes through wide mood swings and desperation brought to the screen with sympathy and sheer talent.
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Not only is the One Way Traffic storyline based on real case histories of human trafficking in Britain, brought to the screen by a talented cast, adding to the realism, only one scene in the whole film was shot on-set.

Virtually everything was shot on location and several scenes were filmed in a real 'safe house' a real Salvation Army church (with a real Corps Officer or Minister) a real graveyard and a real house with a home office and storeroom bedroom.
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Zorina (Goldie)
Zuzana Garaiova

The complete film was re-written for Zuzi. Originally written for victims from Eastern Europe, Asia and Africa (Tariro means Hope in an African language) and with the European character already cast, Zuzana's absolutely brilliant audition changed all that.

Then studying drama in London, the Slovakian travelled up north for filming and repeated her audition performance week on week.

On completion of the movie, her sensitive portrayal enabled a shorter film centred on just her character to also be cut (Zorina), since when Zuzi has returned home to Slovakia and acted in numerous productions before setting up her own theatrical project.

What a talent!
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Inna Platonova

Although another stand-out audition performance, Inna was something of a wild card, for being based so far away there was always going to be a risk.

A Ukraine national living in Canada, the only way she could be cast was to also cast an understudy - which we did.

In the event Inna flew from Canada to the UK for a full week of filming and added a real sparkle.

An actress with a rare talent, her portrayal of Tina's mood swings - sensitive, gentle and caring for her fellow victims one minute then angry and loud when confronting her captor - brought realism and authenticity to the movie.
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Magdolna (Maggy)
Julia Papp

Completing the trio of international trafficked victims, at times Julia's skills on-set when portraying sensitive scenes just blew the whole crew away.

Few actors are able to portray crying convincingly - a pet hate of the director - so this was deliberately avoided in the script.

But it needn't have been, for Julia just entered into her character, the tears flowed and her portrayal was fantastic.

Again, the script was re-written so that Maggy originates from Hungary (Julia's home country) making her accent and delivery authentic.
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David Lonsdale

Needing no introduction, David was a force behind the scenes as well as a brilliant performer on-set.

A star of BBC's Heartbeat for 16 years, David was a key member of the Tariro/1WT casting panel and a very supportive mine of information and advice in the early stages.

During production David brought realism and quality to the production and was one of the easiest actors to direct.
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Arthur Benton
Paddy Byrne

Paddy was an unexpected jewel in production.

Originally cast as one of three homeless men, Paddy stepped in to the breach caused when the actor cast for the Arthur Benton role suddenly flew to Hollywood just one week before our filming started.

And what a performance he gave!

A conniving, scheming trafficker hiding behind a mask of business respectability, Paddy brings Benton to life in a most believable way - audiences hate him!

Although he was present at the 2014 Tariro premiere at the Waterloo Plaza cinema, Paddy sadly passed away before release of One Way Traffic.

He will be missed.
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Elaine westholme
Sinéad Douglas

Playing a role so diverse at a benefactor to her church, a surgeon at the local hospital and one evil trafficker demands a wide skillset - and Sinéad delivered by the bucketload.
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Up Market Call Girl
Zara Miller

Since first appearing in Tariro, Zara has become a regular with OMF, her wide skills including presenting as well as pure drama.

For Tariro/1WT Zara played a demanding role, took it by the scruff of the neck and delivered a masterful performance.

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Playing an up-morket call-girl alongside Inna Platanova's Tina trafficked victim, Zara added that touch of class that really gave her scenes total realism.

And when we needed to return to the studio for ADR, Zara came through with the goods.
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Homeless Man
Mike Keating

How do you portray a homeless man who has delusions of grandeur and thinks that where he is squatting is a Grade 2 stately home?

That's simple - call in Mike Keating.
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A veteran of TV programmes such as Peterloo, Mike can turn his hand to anything - and make it believable.

Another good friend of OMF, Mike has also taken the role of presenter on Peak Squadron and Buying Time.
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