OMF is a not-for-profit retirement project making films to raise funds and/or awareness for specific charities. OMF is not a company and is not a charity.

Old Man Film supports organisations and groups wishing to hold private screenings of OMF films

We encourage groups to arrange private screenings of OMF films. We offer a full support package including trailers with date and time for use in advance to publicise the screening, posters, reviews and PR for your local press plus on screen pre-roll and programmes for the actual screening.

From small gatherings with a flat screen monitor to a full hall and HD projection we can accommodate your requirements whatever your audience size or display equipment. Depending on format, OMF movies can be loaned on disk, hard drive, or delivered digitally via Dropbox. For an idea of the most suitable options for your group, check out the Q&A then complete the form. We will respond with our suggestions.

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Preceded by a Premiere Nibbles and Fizz Reception, OMF's multi award winning movie, One Way Traffic, screened on Saturday 23rd November at Southport Salvation Army Corps to a capacity audience.

Further screenings are planned. See the main One Way Traffic pages (you can link from the Our Films page in this site).


  • Why Private Screening?
    The law requires a film to have a BBFC classification if it is to be screened theatrically to a public audience. That would cost in excess of £1000 so is not feasible. A private screening is to an invited audience but you can invite them in many ways.
  • We would like to get 'outsiders' into our hall - is that possible
    No problem.
    Media publicity and advance features invite them to attend a private screening. Tickets become invitations. Entry is by pre-booked ticket only. That means that not only do you keep the screening private, you also know how many are coming so it is easier to cater.
  • Can we charge admission
    Of course.
    However, our experience is that inviting an audience with free entry but having a clear donation option works better.
  • What are the personalisation options
    Posters, flyers and even pre-roll and trailers are designed so that details of your screening can be included. Date, time, entry charge if applicable can all be included as part of the design
  • Who gets entry money or donations
    However you raise them, you decide how all returns from your screening are used. We suggest a split between supporting your corps and supporting TSA anti-trafficking support but that is your choice.
  • Is there a charge for loan of movies or creation of publicity
    We ask you to cover the cost of sending the movie to you and returning it to us but that's all.
  • You offer posters, on-screen trailers and promotional materials. How are they delivered and can we request a top up quantity if we run out
    You download trailers and on-screen pre-roll as MP4 movie files from a secure on-line Dropbox we create just for your screening. Posters, programmes and other promotional materials are provided the same way in PDF format for you to download and print out locally.
  • Is the movie delivered as a DVD disk
    Options for the actual movie depend on how it will be shown. Because DVD is only standard definition (SD), the quality is poor and the audio is compressed, we do not recommend DVD unless your audience is small and you are only using a flat screen monitor. Anything over 12 people deserves better.

    MP4 can deliver Full HD but only stereo sound so that option depends on your sound system. Blu-ray is Full HD with uncompressed Dolby surround sound so if you have full audio facilities you can deliver a full cinematic experience. If you can handle it we can even provide a movie in ProRes 422 HQ with surround audio - awesome!

    Delivery includes digital download, DVD or Blu-ray disk and portable hard drive (HDD) depending on your equipment.
  • How much notice is required - we suddenly have a free evening in a couple of weeks time
    We suggest a lead time of at least six weeks. More is better. We need time to prepare the personalisation aspects and media deadlines need to be addressed.
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