OMF is a not-for-profit retirement project making films to raise funds and/or awareness for specific charities. OMF is not a company and is not a charity.
Since 2013, OMF has been making films to raise funds or awareness for charities.

It all started when Corps Officers (Ministers) at a Salvation Army church were moving to take up a new commission and a tribute was required for use within their last meeting (service).
So retired media specialist and TSA Adherent Member Ian W Bennett MBKS created a short film using a mix of archival stills, new footage and talking heads.

A well-kept secret, on-the-day the film was projected unannounced and with a great surprise element.
Although conceived only for a single screening, Seven Years in Southport was such a success that a sell-out limited edition DVD run was commissioned, all proceeds being donated to youth work at the Southport Corps of the Salvation Army. Other films followed - all self funded and all raising charity donations.

Since that inauspicious start, OMF has produced films with runtimes from a four minute music video to a full feature length movie of over two hours, setting up its own film school to make that possible. Along the way OMF films have won numerous awards around the world and raised thousands of pounds for charity.

With festival screenings around the world as far away as Indonesia, Cyprus and Florida USA, every year since 2015, OMF' high production standards and the skills of our cast and crew have been recognised by the many awards won for our specialist films, for our documentaries, and for our direction.

During pre-production for AfterAffect, a feature length movie highlighting the affects of alcohol on unborn babies, Ian and Peter were interviewed in the Preston studios of that's Lancashire for broadcast TV.

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