OMF is a not-for-profit retirement project making films to raise funds and/or awareness for specific charities. OMF is not a company and is not a charity.


Back in 2014, specifically for overseas applicants, alongside conventional audition sessions we operated a video audition system. In addition to the obvious benefit of not requiring applicants to travel, that system avoided lengthy sessions for OMF, better illustrated how applicants looked on-screen and was more convenient for many applicants. All OMF auditions are now video auditions.

Check out the following guidelines before sending an audition.
Do not make a video audition if you do not have a script because you have not been shortlisted.
Audition scripts are only sent out to shortlisted applicants.
Audition scripts are specific to shortlisted applicants.
Your audition script may not be for the part you expected.
Screenplays are evolving through the casting process and we do vet applications thoroughly so although you may have applied for a specific part in the film, the audition script you receive may be for a different role. The script you receive will be for the role we feel that you are best suited to. In some cases we may want to assess you for other roles as well and feel that the script supplied allows us to assess your suitability without asking for multiple auditions.
We are reviewing your audition with regard to your spoken delivery and facial expression, looking specifically for naturalness and an affinity with the character. Audio clarity is paramount. If the script requires you to move about on-set then that can be largely ignored for your audition - give priority to audio and try to remain close to the camera/mic.
Your audition script may include dialogue for other characters.
If you have a friend who can help you by reading the other character(s) for you then that is fine.
Otherwise, just read all dialogue yourself.

Start your audition by stating your (stage) name and your script reference. This helps us identify your audition.
A dedicated email address is provided for each OMF film.
Please use the dedicated address for any communication, quoting your script reference.
There is also a contact form in the Cast & Crew area specific to your film.
Although a casting call may go out through an on-line agency such as StarNow, we do not use that platform for any communication or receipt of auditions. All communication must be through the dedicated OMF email address.
Keep your video small.
We only need a short video to assess your suitability. Short videos are smaller and easier to send.
We do not need HD. Your video can be made on a smartphone, tablet computer or camcorder. Do check your video audition before submitting it. The audio must be clear.
We are not interested in video technique. The important issue is your audition, not how your video is made. Don't go to great lengths with lighting or camerawork. Keep your camera still. If you do not have a tripod then prop your camera against something. We do not recommend selfie sticks.
When your video audition is complete, send it as an attachment to the dedicated email address associated with the film, making sure that your covering email includes details of your name and stage name if different. If you have any difficulties sending your video, try using the Mail Big File service which is free. You can locate this at
Do not send any video auditions on disks or by conventional mail.
Our system archives video auditions to enable our casting panel to meet at a variety of locations where there may or may not be internet access so do not provide links to on-line or remote videos. Your video must be sent to the dedicated email address.
Do not leave things to the last minute. Make sure that your video audition reaches us well within the stated deadline. Once your video is received we may need to compile audition masters before the actual casting panel meeting so if your video is received late it will not be included.
Good luck with your audition.

We hope to see you on-set soon.