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About OMF

Conceived simply to make just a single film, in little more than four years OMF has actually completed more than ten films and won numerous international awards, with films screened around the world including Europe, the USA and as far away as Indonesia

With no plans for further projects, back in 2012, OMF's first production was simply to provide a fitting record as a Salvation Army's Corps Officers (ministers) moved to a new corps (church).

Seven Years in Southport (7YIS) ran for little more than fifteen minutes but created such a stir that a limited edition DVD was commissioned with proceeds donated to the TSA's work with children.

The die was cast and OMF became a reality.
Led by an experienced retired media specialist who has produced films for royal families, Ferrari in the Middle East, Leyland Vehicles, Lemazone Pulsar, and Keating Supercars in the UK, OMF followed 7YIS with a one hour runtime documentary before setting up its own film school to train crew for its biggest project - a full length feature movie.

With a storyline based on real case histories of human trafficking in Britain, Tariro has a runtime of 120 minutes, has won awards in several countries and has a BBFC 15 classification for theatrical screenings.
With more than ten films to its credit, OMF works to a strict principle of creating honest and truthful documentaries that are entirely self funded and raise funds for charity.

Even BeepBeep, which is OMF's shortest film, has raised close on £2000 donated to the work of the Salvation Army supporting victims of human trafficking - a link forged around the time Tariro was launched.

Other charities supported by OMF films include Queenscourt Hospice and Age Concern.