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The Future of OMF

Onwards and upwards?

With such a prolific output you would be excused for thinking that the only future that OMF could contemplate would be bigger and better films - or at least, more of the same.

But nothing could be further from the truth.

Throughout 2017, OMF will be winding production down, reducing its equipment inventory and making fewer films than at any point since inception.

There are several reasons for that, one based on why we are OMF anyway and another as a direct result of unacceptable demands by a third party to compromise the truth.
As a retirement initiative, pressures of production weigh heavily on shoulders that are no longer as young as they used to be (hence our title of OldManFilm).

We can still achieve much of what we used to do in our youth but now it takes us longer, drains our energies much quicker, and when we plan for a week's shoot it sometimes drags on for a month or so.

Let's not forget that OMF started off as a retirement initiative. Ten films later and the schedule is taking it's toll. The old men of film are getting even older - and even less energetic.
We would still have soldiered on if it had not been for an unfortunate episode where a council officer attempted to hijack our proposed Observatory film by demanding that truthfully accurate scenes be amended in the edit and some clips removed, just to make the film more complementary to the council.

We don't change the facts but we did sit down and reviewed where we stood. Legal advice was in our favour and we refused to sanitise Observatory but we were simply too old and tired to fight so we closed that film down and cancelled production.

Check this out in The Ones that Got Away.

Following the Observatory debacle, we took the decision to wind down production. There will still be a few more OMF films produced, OMF will still only produce truthful and honest documentaries, and all proceeds from OMF films will still be donated entirely to charity. But there will be fewer films made, they will be shorter - and we will have more time to enjoy retirement.