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The One's That Got Away

OMF do not always make every film planned. These are some that got away . . . . .

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While not strictly one that got away , the RAF film is not currently going anywhere either.

We were first asked to make a promo film for a local cadet group of the RAF then some eighteen months later and the film was bogged down in red tape.

A final surge came in autumn 2016 when the runtime and treatment underwent some modification but the RAF were seemingly still having problems arranging for us to film on their own property.

This is a film we would love to make. Young people today need every encouragement to get involved and the RAF Cadets is a great way of keeping them off the streets and on the straight and narrow.

Here's hoping that this has not actually got away but is only hiding, temporarily.
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Conceived as two series of shorts specifically for the Salvation Army, Eventide and Tell Me A Story were discussed with TSA Corps Officers in Summer 2016 but seem to have died without a murmur.

Interestingly, at the end of 2016 the Anglican Archdeacon of Rochdale suggested that the series could be produced with and for the Church of England but given the distasteful experience we had just gone through with Observatory we declined.
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Beacon is the film that should have been made. With the potential to be even bigger than Tariro, after a dynamic war action opening that would give Saving Private Ryan a run for its money, Beacon follows a veteran as he suffers PTS and ends up living rough, subsequently being picked up and and his life turned around at the Beacon.

This story needs to be told. Staff at the Beacon need support. We couldn't find funding.
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Of all our failed projects, Observatory has had the greatest impact on OMF. Problematic from the word go, it all came to a head when an officer of SMBC demanded that early cuts of this honest and truthful documentary be re-edited with some clips removed completely to make the film more complementary to the council.

A little naive perhaps, we had never previously faced politics in our filmmaking or been asked to misrepresent the truth. Our refusal prompted more demands and threats, resulting in OMF cancelling the film.

We later re-appraised all our plans and as a direct result of this unacceptable demand to falsify a true record, decided to scale down OMF production.

A more detailed overview of this sordid episode can be viewed on the dedicated website