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The Films We Make

Since 2012, OMF have been making films with runtimes from as little as 4 minutes to 120 minutes. Not all of those films are detailed here but this is the long and short of some of them.

    The film that started it all.
    Runtime 15 mins.
    7YIS mixed new filming with talking heads and archival stills to document the tenure of two Salvation Army corps officers as the church they led grew and a new worship building was built.
    45 min runtime.
    A TV style documentary about a free motoring event in a NW market town.

    The film asks the question of how can a bunch of amateurs attract six times more people than does its best ever market day, then goes behind the scenes with participants as they prepare.
    Runtime 120 mins.
    With a storyline based on real case histories of human trafficking in Britain and filmed with an international professional cast, Tariro has a full feature length runtime, was premiered at the Plaza Cinema, Waterloo, has been screened in several countries and has won international awards.

    A hard hitting true to life docudrama, Tariro was filmed mainly on location with some scenes filmed inside an actual 'safe house.'

    Tariro has a BBFC 15 classification so can be screened theatrically in the UK.
    Runtime 27 mins
    Distilled from the Tariro feature movie which followed three victims of human trafficking, Zorina is a short film following just one victim, originally released in 2015.

    Zorina has won international awards including the IndieWise convention in Florida and headlined at the Pervollywood festival in Cyprus in 2015.

    Newly re-cut in 2017, the latest version of Zorina features Dolby 5.1 surround sound and will be released on Blu-ray.
    Runtime 45 mins.
    It's not every day that a band turns 100, particularly a youth band, so when the Southport Salvation Army Young Peoples Band turned 100 (the band - not the children!) it was time for a celebration.

    That celebration lasted for a full weekend, saw visits out to a bowling lanes and former members now drawing their pensions returning for a master class and concert.

    This film followed it all, got in with the action and even allowed current young band members an opportunity to give their real views on their bandmaster!
    Runtime 35 mins.
    Not OMF's normal type of film, Silver is basically a Silver Wedding video.

    Having initially declined the commission, OMF created a film with a difference by inserting two cameo sequences of the couple talking frankly about each other, how they met, what their initial impressions were, how or if that had changed over the years.

    It all made for a captivating insight as well as a celebratory memento - and raised funds for Age Concern.
    Runtime 4 mins.
    If you are of a certain age you might remember the days when tiny bubble cars were a regular sight on Britain's roads. And if your memory is still working, you might even remember the bubble car song that was a hit for the American comedy group The Playmates. That was back in 1958 so you are excused if your memory isn't too good.

    BeepBeep is basically a music video illustrating the Playmates hit song. Showing their dedication, to access an empty road essential for filming, the crew met at 5:30 on a Sunday morning and when completed, EMI waived rights to allow this film to run on-line.

    So far, BeepBeep has raised more funds for charity than any other OMF production.
  • 152@90
    Runtime 65 mins.
    2016 marked the 90th anniversary of Henry Segrave setting the World Land Speed Record on the beach at Southport.

    Originally planned simply as a record of the celebrations to mark the anniversary planned by the arts department of the local council, this film (which takes its title from the speed set and the anniversary), does much more, getting behind the scenes when the council just couldn't't cope and other organisations including the local car club had to bail them out.

    A fascinating film with celebrity talking heads, action on the beach and cameo archival footage from 1926 newsreels, this film has won international documentary awards and its limited edition DVD run completely sold out.
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Right from day one, all OMF productions have had three essential components:
1. All production costs covered
2. Crew work free
3. Donation to charity

Charity donation has supported several specific initiatives within the Salvation Army including TSA work with children and TSA support for victims of human trafficking.

Other charities supported include The Riverside Foundation, Queenscourt Hospice and Age Concern.