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Current Production 1 - Peak Squadron

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Although the event itself does not take place until August, our current main production is already scripted and some sequences completed. Peak Squadron is a quirky film about - dare we say it - quirky owners of quirky little cars.

Because German aircraft manufacturers were banned from building aircraft after the Second World War they had to find something else to make and sell. In the case of Messerschmitt that was a tiny three wheeled car and because of the aircraft heritage, when several are together these days they are referred to as a squadron. And because Britain was Messerschmitt's largest market, there are lots of surviving cars and in 2017 the owners club rally will be in the stunningly beautiful Peak District.
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But Peak Squadron is much more than a video about a club rally.

Using the WW2 aircraft analogy, we've scripted in an aerial dogfight sequence, and because we are in the 21st century, we've also linked it to StarWars. We've also scripted a fantasy sequence inspired by the Disney/Pixar movie Beauty & the Beast!

But that's not all. Our research has thrown up all manner of side stories including an electric Schmitt lookalike in Sweden and another lookalike that's brand new, made in the UK and available now. We are talking to manufacturers now and these will hopefully feature in Peak Squadron.

We've dug up some eccentric owners (metaphorically that is) and some back stories on club owned Schmitt's to add into an already fascinating rally itinerary of activities and action at Uttoxeter Racecourse, trips into the Peak District and an open air Victorian museum, and a Gala dinner.

Peak Squadron
Event Sequences:

Premiere Screening:

In production now
Southport - filming on Friday 7th July
Uttoxeter & locality filming through 1st week in August
Southport, Merseyside, Saturday 28 October (ticket only)
DVD / Blu-ray, VOD - Last week in October to link with premiere
A dedicated web site has been created for this film which will be developed as production continues.

Current Production 2 - Bijou Screen

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Bijou Screen is a charismatic documentary in TV Grand Designs style with a difference, for although it's treatment follows convention with an in-camera presenter, the film breaks the GD mould with an imaginative take on a 1930's movie newsreel.for its opening sequence, cementing this 2017 cinema project well and truly into the movie world.
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Bijou Screen documents the conversion of a semi-derelict building into a new community cinema, the people involved and the toils and tribulations they endure on the way.

Purchased in the winter of 2016, the building had been unused for several years and before conversion could start, remedial work to the fabric was essential.

OMF cameras will be at the heart of this project from start to finish. Initial sequences and interviews have already been filmed, with the film's climax planned to be the cinema's 'soft launch' later in 2017.

Bijou Screen

Premiere Screening:

In production now
Throughout the conversion
TBA. In the cinema (Southport) as an element of the Opening Gala (ticket only)
DVD / Blu-ray, VOD - to link with premiere
A dedicated web site has been created for this film which will be developed as production continues.